I got tired of answering the same old thing in the comments again and again, so I figured it’s about time I posted something like this…

Who are you and what do you do?

We are shinkage (translator/editor/typesetter) and koichan (cleaner/editor). We translate, edit and (eventually) release Japanese ero-manga to English-speaking audience free of charge. Most of the stories released to date happened to be in a genre of straight shota.

Will you translate story XXX by artist YYY for me?

Short answer: Probably not.

Long answer: I only translate what I personally like. I do not take requests.

But what if I pay you money?

No. I do not take commissions and I generally prefer to keep money out of this whole affair.

But the justice/logic/will of the community/etc demands that this story is translated?!

Well, if you want something translated, you can always commission it to some other translator. The links are on the main page of my blog.

But what if it turns out that you like the story I want to get translated?

That is totally possible, but we’ll never know that unless I get to see the story in question. (Hint: Show me the raws, and a decent quality raws at that. Do not assume that I already have all the raws in the Universe. Do not ask me to look for the raws for you, ’cause I won’t.)

Where do you get your stories from?

I get my stories from magazines and tankoubons that people scan and post on Akiba Online, Masterbloodfer Hentai Forum, SSMangaMan Shrine (until it died) and Straight Shotas Network. I don’t scan the stuff myself.

Can you provide the raws alongside your translations?

I suppose I could, but I am not going to bother. Too lazy. Besides the raws are already widely available. G00gle’s your friend.

I want to use your translation to make my own translation to ZZZ language. Can I?

Yeah, sure. It’s not like I could do anything to stop you anyway. Just one request: don’t use my name or this blog’s URL in your translation.

Do you need any help?

Sure. Seed the torrents.

4 thoughts on “F.A.Q.

  1. I’m having trouble getting one particular scene in the DOUJIN3ARIES game. It’s the blowjob scene (he’s sitting down) right after the handjob scene (where he’s standing up. Would you happen to know how I can get there? Thanks.

  2. So glad you decided to translate the DOUJIN3ARIES game. I was really disheartened when you initially said you wouldn’t. Thanks so much dude!

  3. I know this is a bit late but thank you so much for your work you and koichan have done, What you guys are doing might be a bit taboo for the common sheep out there but Me and many others who have been able to stumble on your site do appreciate the work you guys have done. Please keep up the fun translation’s and hope you keep well.

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