Ane Plus (a.k.a. Yuna-Yuna Panic!!) by Yamamoto Yoshifumi (complete)

So here’s the complete tankoubon release of what was formerly known as Yuna-Yuna Panic. It includes previously translated chapters 1-7 (a.k.a. chapters 0-6) re-edited using tankoubon raws, newly translated chapters 8 and 9, covers, Yamamoto Yoshifumi’s “free talk” and the interview (I sure got a kick out of TLing that).

Big props go to koichan for cleaning and editing nearly 200 pages (including some pretty tricky ones).

DDL (Sharebee wouldn’t let me upload no matter what, so I used Mediafire this time).

Marte, could you please update the torrent (and remove all individual Yuna-Yuna Panic chapters from it)? Torrent page has been updated, many thanks Marte! Let’s update the torrent after every release from now on.

Yuna-Yuna Panic by Yamamoto Yoshifumi – Chapter 6

Rio’s adventures continue, meanwhile, chapter titles are becoming their own separate (and totally unrelated) stories…

The file is now here.

On a separate note, Hitozuma Lovers tankoubon has apparently been out since Feb 17, so I’m hoping that someone will get around to scanning it soon enough so that I will finally be able to finish that series. (Yeah, I saw the post on not4chan, but I’m pretty sure that scan is a fake though).