Yuutousei Mama No Himitsu No Shitsuke (Exemplary Mommy’s Secret Schooling) by Senke Kagerou

This is the last story by Senke Kagerou that I had. If you see any new ones, be sure to let me know…

Torrent (updated, many thanks Marte!)

“Yuutousei” in the title literally means “honor student”, but it is also used more generally to mean “model” (as in “model citizen”) or “outstanding example of”. “Shitsuke” (which means “disciplining/upbringing/parenting”) is the mangaka-provided reading for the kanji which are normally read as “kyouiku” (training/education).

Yappari Mama Ga Suki (The One I Love Is Mommy After All) by Senke Kagerou

This is chapter 2 of Maman Love Vol.3. Delicious copypasta FTW? 😉


I also added a link to Japan Crisis Relief page and encourage you to help the country that has given us so much.

While the choice of organization to donate to is up to you, I recommend that you donate to the Japanese Red Cross (which is what I did), as other organizations listed on that page either had a hand in pressuring Japanese authorities into limiting the freedom of expression (UNICEF) or do not guarantee that the funds will actually be used for the crisis relief.

Musuko No (Kyoushi No) Me No Mae De (In the Presence of (the Teacher of) My Son) – Chapter 3 + Omake

The plot(?) thickens…


Thanks go to tenchi20 for the raws (part of Maman Love vol.5 anthology tankoubon). In related news, I now have the raws for all 6 volumes of Maman Love and there are quite a few stories in them that I like (as you can see on the right side of this page). If any of these stories have already been translated, please be sure to let me know.

Musuko No Me No Mae De (In The Presence of My Son) by Senke Kagerou – Chapter 1

90% of the credit for this (and the next) release goes to koichan. I mean, there’s really not a lot to translate/typeset here. Now cleaning and redrawing of all the transparent bubbles (so that it looks like the text was never there) is a whole different story…


TL Note: “In The Presence of My Son” is a title provided by the author. “Musuko No Me No Mae De” (息子の目の前で) can also be translated as “In Front Of My Son” or, more literally, “Before My Son’s Eyes”.