Mamagoto (Playing With Mommy) by SHIUN

Here’s another one from Maman Love (vol.4 ch.4).

Torrent (to be updated?)

The most straightforward translation of “Mamagoto” is “playing house”, but since it is written without kanji other translations are also possible (such as “Mommy’s affair”, “along with Mommy”, “the thing with Mommy”, etc). “Playing with Mommy” is my take on it.

As for my next VN project, this is what I am considering at the moment:

16 thoughts on “Mamagoto (Playing With Mommy) by SHIUN

  1. Yay! Thank you so much for your work and efforts, if it wasnt for you then all the great content you have worked on would have never seen the light of day as a english translated work. Its so hard to find a group or someone doing Mom/son hentai let alone a awsome one like you guys. Again thanks so much for the work you have done.

  2. Definitely… Beppin Mama Omnibus by Mocking Soft. Six stories and five of them (including the main one) with Straight Shota content!!!

  3. awesome…
    and awesome choices for the next VN project Bepping Mama would be awesome.. But the fourth one really surprised me by the art work.. looks like the best art work of the lot.. But still I would vote for Bepping Mama followed by Tokoya no Oba-chan..
    thanks Shinkage sa always… you are soo awesome…

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