Kawakaburi No Cherry by DOUJIN3ARIES (visual novel patch)

Well, here it is, and it took less than 6 months to do. Isn’t that amazing? πŸ˜‰ Jokes aside, this sure was a whole lot more effort than I expected. Let this be a lesson to me.

I did quite a few QC passes of it, but with this being my first ever VN and all, I fully expect things to be missed (and occasionally go horribly horribly wrong). Therefore, I am calling this a Public Beta (or Consumer Preview, or whatever else these things are called these days) and everybody is encouraged to submit problems in comments. If I do not hear anything for a month or so I am going to assume that it works perfectly and promote it to Final Release.

The archive includes the patch as well as a brief howto/help file:

Version 1.00.01 (fixes the problem with disappearing choices reported by Anonymous):

Torrent (no point updating while this is still beta)

Notes and Known Issues:
The title (Kawakaburi No Cherry) is a reference to a line Reiko (the heroine) says in the game. It can be loosely translated as “The Cherry of His Virginal Dick”.

The game has no “routes”, but you do have the opportunity to make bad decisions and end the game early.

There is one line that is not translated because it is a part of the video being played and there is no way to sync it properly with the text. It means “He finally says it”.

In 2 or 3 places (during the “action” scenes) the lines are being said without any text being displayed. They are not translated because (1) there was no corresponding text in the original game and (2) they are played at random when the mouse is clicked and I could not find a way to predict which line will be displayed to show the text (my knowledge of KiriKiri engine is still less than perfect). The lines are not essential to the plot (?), the sample is as follows:

Feels good!
So good!
It’s in!
So, how is it?
Feels good?
How’s my dick feel?
Doesn’t hurt?

Well then, do enjoy.

I might be inclined to translate more VNs in the future, so feel free to recommend VNs of relevant genres (as usual, no guarantees that any of the recommended VNs will actually be translated).

Update (regarding recommendations): From what I read Complets uses a proprietary engine that requires game-specific EXE patches and is generally a pain in the arse to work with. I don’t think I’ll be touching it. I think I’d rather stick with KiriKiri-based games (ones that use data.xp3 to store everything) for now since I already have the relevant experience and tools.

37 thoughts on “Kawakaburi No Cherry by DOUJIN3ARIES (visual novel patch)

  1. Well if you want to do more “short” shota on milfs games you check out some of Complets games. If you want something with a absurd plot you could try Henshin !!! ~Pantsu ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ series where the main character can turn into objects of his choosing, sort of a long game though.

  2. Thank you! SS seems a topic often overlooked.
    I’d like to see some stuff by Complets done, but thats up to you, of course

  3. If you fast-forward text at the vaginal intercourse scenes, sometimes it glitches and won’t display the choices (ex. i know/don’t-know-how-to-insert-it scene).

  4. If I can make requests on your next translation endeavour, I strongly recommend γƒžγƒžοΌγ€γΎοΌŸ and γƒžγƒžγ—γΌγ‚Š2. Both are done by Complets, a company many here have already pointed out. Both of the games have some very good SS action and are my favorites. They are also rather short by VN standards.

  5. If I could also make a request, it would be love x evolution. While it isn’t shota, it is animated and it has mighty fine animations if I might add.

  6. Tank you very much for this one!!! I didn’t have any problem with the patch and I have to say that all the work behind this translation project is AWESOME. The only request I want to make is this one… PLEASE select a Straight Shota Eroge! That would be the only thing I beg you. Greetings and thank you very much again.

  7. Fully agree with TM. It would be very nice to play at least one of those two games with a translations. Thank you for the work you’ve done shinkage. You’Ε—e just great!

  8. I have played many SS game and I consider MamaShibori 2 by Complets as the best SS game of all. But since you won’t touch Complets games then I recommend Ochiru Hitozuma by Black Lilith (the second best for me). Or you can also try [TRYSET] Shin Yarasete! Teacher. Both of them use data.xp3.

    Also, thanks for the the translation.

  9. was wondering if possibly in the future you could finish the translation of http://vndb.org/v1434
    it was 80% completed by the previous project holder but it seems it was all in a arc. file and no idea if you know how to do that but it would be much appreciated if you could one day work on this one ^^

  10. Havent been able to get this game to install with or without the patch! I have japanese locale and everything. Never had this problem before.

  11. Awesome work man.. sorry for the late reply after i downloaded it.. but that patch kept me too busy,, πŸ™‚

    I hope you do more game translations.. take care..

  12. Wohoo! Thanks for translating. I ran into a problem when playing
    the game though. At the part where top, middle, bottom choices, I hit next and an
    error somehow occurs.

  13. ok ive done everything she asked, got all the pics and scenes, and yet all i get at the end is the
    ‘I guess she didnt like me’ comment… is that it? … because i cant get the hands shown in the picture or get her to take her stockings off when she 1st undresses :S

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