Trying something new…

So I thought I’d try translating a visual novel for a change. The novel is called Kawakaburi No Cherry, it’s made by DOUJIN3ARIES and as you can see it’s straight shota. As of this writing, the actual game can be found here: RIP, the link wasn’t mine to begin with, I’m surprised it lasted this long. The game is out there, time to rely on G00gle ((18禁ゲーム) [100925] [DOUJIN3ARIES] 皮被りのチェリー), kindness of strangers, etc. Meanwhile I am working on it, should be out in a few weeks.

I am not planning to distribute/host the game myself, instead I will be releasing a single file (patch.xp3) that would need to be copied into the game’s folder (it will contain the translation and updated graphics for menus, etc).

I have no idea how long the project will take at this point, but the process seems straightforward enough, I have the technical stuff mostly figured out, so hopefully… not too long. And, no, I am not stopping translating manga, it’s just that right now I feel like doing a VN.

Oh yeah, one other thing… I can’t really draw, but if there’s someone reasonably good at drawing and interested in doing the uncensoring, I can provide the relevant picture files (which would then go into the same patch.xp3) and we could have an uncensored ss game as a result. Leave a note in comments if you’re interested. Actually never mind. Most of the relevant scenes are animated anyway, so decensoring pictures isn’t going to make a lot of difference.

28 thoughts on “Trying something new…

  1. Hi Shinkage, unfortunately currently I’m having problems connecting to the net and it’ll be like this till half of January, so I won’t be able to update the torrent till then.

  2. Hi Shinkage! Can I ask you where to find this hentai?:
    “Mama Mo Mukashi Wa Shojo Datta by tetsu”
    ’cause I’m looking for it (translated or not XD) but I can’t find it anywhere… and I’m sooooo curious ._.
    Anyway, you’re doing a great job, I really like your translations (’cause I’m a translator like you – from english to italian) and the koichan work too!
    So, thx for all ^^

    • Nvm, I figured it out. The torrent has a bunch of other games too if people want to check em out. The game is okay, I understood some of what was being said and, to my disappointment, this is not incest. I wonder if the actual son can chime in. I wonder why I thought this was going to be incest.

  3. hi shinkage
    are you still working on the (patch.xp3) file or have you already uploaded it ?
    do let us know.
    And for the rest who are looking for the game, try looking for it at isohunt

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