8 thoughts on “Mama No Koumon (Mommy’s Anus) by Tange Suzuki

  1. Many thanks Shinkage for choosing this chapter, Incest + anal is a wonderful combination.
    Regarding your call for Senke Kagero untranslated material, are you okay with loli? Because if yes, there’s this 12-page story (Sample page / E-H gallery), which only has seen a rewrite.

  2. thx a lot shinkage, hope there will be more mom son incest, and hopefully the mom more busty, like from takasugi kou, yamamoto yoshifumi, tsuyatsuya, miyabi tsuzuru or masumi murasame

  3. This is the link to the new torrent:

    Sorry for being late, but I’ve got problems connecting to the net.

    For those who already downloaded the file, if you want to help seeding, you can change the filename of the file you downloaded to “[shinkage] Mama no Koumon by Tange Suzuki.zip” (because usually the filename gets crippled by the file hosting service) and put it inside your “shinkage” directory. That way you’ll start seeding directly, without redownloading it first.

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