Mamasupe! 2 by SAYA PRODUCTS

This one sure took a while but it’s finally done. Enjoy.

Torrent (updated, many thanks Marte!)

The entire story is in Kansai dialect, but since standard Japanese is not used at all, there is nothing to contrast the Kansai against and so I decided not to use Southern (or any other) dialect in my translation. For all I know, the mangaka is from Kansai and this is his/her native dialect.

P.S. This is Not Straight Shota. YHBT.

P.P.S. W0rdpress doesn’t like for some reason, so older links are messed up. I am going to fix them shortly. All DDL links should be fine now. Torrent links in the older posts are still pointing to the old blog, just use the Torrents link at the top of the page.

9 thoughts on “Mamasupe! 2 by SAYA PRODUCTS

  1. Thanks for the hard work Shinkage and Koichan.
    When you wrote “this is not straight shota”, I read it as being “not straight”, it never occurred to me it could be “not shota”… πŸ˜‰
    But yes, this author likes to troll his audience; in all other MamaSupe issues the children’s ages are stated as 20, even if they don’t look a day older than 12.

  2. Are there any plans in the future in translating [Saya Products] – Mamasupe! 4 at all? I’d be happy to provide you the raws to look at if you don’t have them yet.

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