Ichihime x Nitarou by Kuroiwa Menou

This story is from Comic OEX 2010-02, and it also happens to be ch.5 of Kuroiwa’s latest tankoubon Milky Way. MamaSupe! 2 is still being worked on…

A note on the story: It’s possible that Mutsuko is Hatsumi’s aunt (which would make Hatsumi boys’ cousin) or it could be that they’re just good friends (in either case “oba-san” would be appropriate way to address Mutsuko). Same story with the boys calling Hatsumi “onee-chan”.

Torrent (updated, thanks Marte!)

In light of certain recent events I got a sudden urge to translate something particularly Harmful To Healthy Development Of Youth. Stay tuned…

8 thoughts on “Ichihime x Nitarou by Kuroiwa Menou

  1. I know what you mean about the 'recent events' pertaining to Japan's youth…

    I am glad to see you active again after a while…

    As long as we anime and hentai fans continue to live and breath and do all the things we love to do, no moral-fag hypocrite politician who writes rape novels and can't get it up anymore will stand in our way…

    That said, keep on fappin~

  2. Thanks for the new release, Shinkage 🙂

    Are you planning on translating the lolicon, rape and murder novels written by the current Tokyo Governor, still on sale in shops and still not going to be banned ?
    Or worse ? 😀

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