13 thoughts on “Kinshin Soukan Wa Saikou (Incest Is The Best) by Hacchi

  1. Many thanks for this release, more Hacchi is always welcome.
    BTW, his next tankoubon looks set to be awesome; the Kazoku kaigi arc published in Comic AUN since autumn 2009 is very good as incest stories go, and with a bit of NTR for good measure (so if you want to be swamped by comments you know what to pick next, *nudge nudge wink wink*).

    Too bad the magazine isn't actively scanned any more, so we'll have to wait for the tank edition to see how it ends…

  2. If what you said is true Stannis, well, by the beard of Zeus that would be the best thing I hear all year! (source on that?)

    Also, any update on ur progress shinkage?

  3. How many chapters left for Yuna Yuna Panic? Been thinking of starting to “read” it but I usually wait till it's completed.

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