7 thoughts on “Sayonara Ochinchin (Goodbye, Dick) by Yanagawa Rio

  1. Thanks for this translation.

    On the upcoming release topic, are you going to do both chapters at once (Maman Love vol. 2, that contains the second part, got scanned last week) or just the first for now?

  2. Sure… Maman Love 2, scanned by Kuando (as was volume one where the first part was published).
    Sorry for the big file, but if you aren't interested in the rest of the anthology (few of the other stories are worth reading IMO) you can kill the download when it reaches 10%, since it's a RAR archive and it's the first story.

    Guess I've made the same mistake of when I suggested you picked some stories of Nitta Jun; back then I assumed that you could already had the raws because she and Yanagawa are published side by side on Comic Masyo, this time I assumed that the second part had already ended up on where you source your material because it shares the same origin as the first story. Live and (don't) learn…

  3. Thanks! Yeah, I'll definitely do the second chapter (as a separate release).

    Would you happen to have a link to the raw of vol. 1 of this anthology? I got my raw off some Japanese board and there were just those 4 pages in the archive…

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