5 thoughts on “Meru Tomo Na Boku No Haha (My Mother Is My E-Mail Friend) by Tange Suzuki

  1. Another great translation!!! Thank you!!!

    Any possibility you could provide a download link, to the raw tankouban, Mama ga Iku Boku wa Dopyu – Mama Felt Oragazm! Ejaculate!

    I can't find it around the web, anywhere. arrrrrrrrrr


  2. Thanks Marte!

    Torrent looks fine to me, just one note for the *next* update (don't do anything this time): can you rename the archives so that they all follow the same pattern “[shinkage] title by author.zip” (i.e. “[shinkage] Sayonara Ochinchin by Yanagawa Rio.zip“), no underscores?

  3. Ok, I'll change that next time.(That problem is usually due to rapidshare that changes spaces to underscores. The problem is that those who already have downloaded the old torrents and just want to update their directory with the newest releses will have to download a ton of old material because the filenames will be different,so they won't be recognised as the same files)

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