Pako-Pako Daietto (Banging for Weight Loss) by Tange Suzuki

This is chapter 8 from “Mama ga Iku! Boku wa Dopyu!” tankoubon. I’ve been meaning to do it since March, but there was always something… I think I’ll do some more Tange Suzuki’s stuff after this.

A couple of notes: the word ダイエット(daietto) does come from English word “diet”, but in Japanese its meaning is expanded to include any other means of losing weight, such as exercise. ぱこぱこ(pako-pako) is actually an onomatopoeia that describes the sound of two bodies slapping against each other.


11 thoughts on “Pako-Pako Daietto (Banging for Weight Loss) by Tange Suzuki

  1. Thanks very much, I do indeed like things like this. Meaty MILF really does something for me that skinny schoolgirls never will.

  2. WOWAWIWA! This is awsome! I just love mother/son incest mangas! The internet needs more translated mother/son (also teacher/student) mangas/doujins.

    Thanks alot, good work and i hope to see similar work in the future.

  3. Eureka! We've got a live one. As a previous anon said “Love Tange Suzuki”, glad to find a new share of his with functioning links.

    Thank You very much For translating and posting this 😀

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