Saru Ni Onanii (Monkey’s Masturbation) by Miyabi Tsuzuru (edited by Soyleb)

If memory serves me, this story was suggested by Marte a year or so ago. I liked the story, so I translated it and posted the script on ko-chan imageboard. I didn’t edit or typeset it back then because the only raw I could find was particularly crappy. I was certain this script is long gone and forgotten by now. Guess what, I was wrong. The release was found (by Marte), and so here it is…

I must say that Soyleb did one hell of a job on this one. At first I thought he simply found a better raw but when I compared the (crappy) raw I had and his release I found that page sizes, positions of frames, etc match to the pixel, except his looks a lot better. Check out the raw p.2 to see what I mean:
You’ll see that some of the SFX bubbles are not translated and that’s totally my fault: I got lazy writing up the lines in the script, besides I was sure that noone is going to bother typesetting it anyway 😉

TL Note: the title “Saru Ni Onanii” is taken from the furigana (which is a reading provided by the author). The kanji in the title can be read “Doutei Ni Boketsu”, which can be very loosely translated as “Son’s virginity lost to mother’s hole” or “Mother’s hole for a virgin”.


4 thoughts on “Saru Ni Onanii (Monkey’s Masturbation) by Miyabi Tsuzuru (edited by Soyleb)

  1. Heh…I'd forgotten I did this one. Well that's the Internet for you, it'll pop up eventually. Although I still think it could look better (I would of preferred the original grays and tones but well they were pretty bad).

    Btw, I did know what the meaning of the sfx, I did some of them, but got lazy half way through and stopped doing them (the bubbles were pretty small on most cases 😦 ).

    Anyways thanks for the compliments and glad you liked it. I'm always available (kinda) case you need anything (editing wise).

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