Hitozuma Lovers by Yamamoto Yoshifumi (complete)

Well, this sure took a while…

Chapters 7 and 8 are new, chapters 1-6 are re-edited (be sure to thank koichan for this huge effort!), re-typeset, bunch of lines are revised to better match the original and a few (rather silly) translation mistakes are corrected. This release concludes (finally) the Hitozuma Lovers story and supercedes all my previous Hitozuma Lovers releases.

You may be wondering why it says “hitozuma” at the top of this post and “hitoduma” throughout the actual release. Neither is a typo, both are romanizations of the same Japanese word 人妻【ひとづま】(married woman), both are read “hee-toh-zoo-mah”. I used “hitozuma” before, because that’s how they romanized it in the Angel Club magazine but in the tankoubon they decided to go with “hitoduma”, so I used it in this release to be consistent with the original.


Marte, ch7 and ch8 will count as 4th and 5th releases respectively, so please go ahead and update the torrent (please also remove all previous Hitozuma Lovers releases from the torrent). All done, thanks Marte!

22 thoughts on “Hitozuma Lovers by Yamamoto Yoshifumi (complete)

  1. Awesome release as always shinkage.
    Also, I would like to say thanks to Marte for uploading & seeding the torrent.

  2. Shinkage, I changed the title of the torrent post, correcting a typo and making more explicit the content of the torrent([ENG] translations instead of a more generic releases). If there's any problem about this, let me know.

  3. Thank you, awesome work. By the way the translation of the colophon was a nice touch, it denotes a level of attention to detail seldom seen.

  4. thanks¡¡ shinkage for you work in this manga,
    i hope so you translated old mangas of this artist, is incredible work and god stories.
    i apreciated for this translations

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