Nure-Nure Miko-san (Soaking Wet Miko) by Kuroiwa Menou

I really liked this one, although it took a bit longer to do…

A couple of TL notes:
1. There was a pun on the title page that didn’t translate well to English: the phrase (水もしたたるいい女) that I translated as “so fresh and charming, overflowing with life…” (which is what it means in modern Japanese), is an idiomatic expression that can be literally translated as “a person so handsome as though drenched in water”. The 濡れぬれ (nure-nure) in the title also has the basic meaning of “wet”, although there it refers to an entirely different kind of wet… 😉
2. While Tadashi and Misuzu are speaking normal Japanese, Nanami for some reason uses archaic/literary kind of speech that a young woman would not normally use (unless her name is Shihoin Yoruichi or Tsukiumi). I couldn’t figure out a clever way to incorporate it in the translation (and it wasn’t quite archaic enough for me to resort to thee’s and thou’s).


5 thoughts on “Nure-Nure Miko-san (Soaking Wet Miko) by Kuroiwa Menou

  1. Thx for your translation.

    Maybe can you translate this one:


    I really love the girl.

  2. Shrine maidens having sex in the shrine? Twisting sacred Shinto teachings around to justified sex? Converting spiritual girl into an insatiable nympho? Wow, they're all going to hell, especially the glasses senior maiden. And they will surely have fun on the way.

    Still, how the hell did the lusty glasses girl become a maiden in the first place?

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