9 thoughts on “F.A.Q.

  1. nice faq =) most of the stupied questions must dissappear after that… of course if it going to bee read =)))

    my best regards to all of you – you are doing great job

  2. Shinkage, the next release seems like a big one, with, what, two new chapters? Plus also the re-editing. So do you want me to update the torrent when that release comes out? Or do you have other plans for the torrent?

  3. @Marte: Well, next release will be the 5th since the torrent was created so yeah, go ahead and update the torrent when the release comes out. When that happens I also want you to remove all old releases of Hitozuma Lovers from the torrent (because tankoubon release will supercede them).

  4. @shinkage : Ok.

    P.S. Next release should be the 4th since the torrent was created.
    1) Nameru Hito
    2) Mama
    3) Nure-Nure Miko-san
    4) Hitozuma Lovers (complete)

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