Mama by Hori Hiroaki

Incest on more levels than one, huh?

This is the first (and very likely the last) of Hori Hiroaki’s works I ever translated. However hot the story may be, the artwork style is… well, not really my thing. At any rate, enjoy…

Content warning: pee drinking, semen in weird places (such as ear canal).


10 thoughts on “Mama by Hori Hiroaki

  1. I really, really liked this. I’ll admit the artwork isn’t great, but it is plenty good enough for me. I hope you will reconsider and translate more of Hori Hiroaki’s works from time to time.

  2. I’m sorry you won’t be translating any more Hori Hiroaki, I quite like his artwork, although I agree this one isn’t a particularly good example. Still, if you’re going to be translating Kuroiwa Menou instead, you won’t hear me complainin’!

  3. Thanks for the release, Shinkage 🙂

    I’d like to ask you a thing, what is the font you used in the bottom-left corner of your preview picture, the part saying “we love each other, and it doesn’t just end with a simple affection” ?

    That font would be exactly what I need, but I don’t recognize it…

    Thanks if you can tell me 🙂

  4. Thanks for the info, Shinkage !

    I don’t even know what TS means, but just in case, I’ll precise I don’t do dialogues editing nor graphical studies including a part of typography.

    I simply needed a font looking both “professional” and elegant, but with a little “wild” side. Usually I always resort to using the Myriad font family, I wanted to test some change, that’s for some documents at work, and I have the impression that font perfectly does the job.
    I’ll see tomorrow, thanks again !

  5. Thanks for translating and sharing this goodness; I remember this episode from when I browsed the tankoubon (“Boku no ai gangu”, BTW) back in November.
    IMO this kind of story where the dialogue plays a larger role than average is where your translation work gives more added value.

    May I suggest that you might also find some Nitta Jun one-shots to your liking? A little more cartoonish than your usual choices, but the girls are oh so much sluttier… (^_~) Sadly no incest there, though.

  6. Thanks shinkage, very hot art, sad ending though.
    @JukanX “but the girls are oh so much sluttier… (^_~)” also good in hentai. 🙂

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