Nameru Hito (The Licker) by Yanagawa Rio

So apparently Yanagawa Rio wants a rice cooker. Anyone wants to send him one? 😉

A note about the title for those interested in Japanese language: title is written as 舐める女性 (nameru josei, “woman who licks”), but the reading provided by the artist is なめるひと (nameru hito, “person who licks” = “licker”), which shifts the focus from the “woman” to simply “person”.


8 thoughts on “Nameru Hito (The Licker) by Yanagawa Rio

  1. Thank you for taking the time to translate this and sharing with us.

    I’ve been seeing this “hito” furigana
    on multiple occasions, but I’ve always been baffled as to the meaning… Is it the supposed reading? Is it what the character is thinking? Japanese is generic enough already, even without added ambiguity… 😦

  2. Thank you. Erotic, touching, sad, and haunting. Lovely art as always from Yanagawa. What a rare combination from hentai.

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