Yuna-Yuna Panic by Yamamoto Yoshifumi – Chapter 6

Rio’s adventures continue, meanwhile, chapter titles are becoming their own separate (and totally unrelated) stories…

The file is now here.

On a separate note, Hitozuma Lovers tankoubon has apparently been out since Feb 17, so I’m hoping that someone will get around to scanning it soon enough so that I will finally be able to finish that series. (Yeah, I saw the post on not4chan, but I’m pretty sure that scan is a fake though).

8 thoughts on “Yuna-Yuna Panic by Yamamoto Yoshifumi – Chapter 6

  1. Shinkage,

    Love the translations!! Thank you, very much!!!

    Will you be working on any further chapters of Yuna-Yuna Panic??

    Just asking.


  2. I'd really love to finish this series (2 more chapters are left), but the remaining raws are nowhere to be found.

    Someone has to scan Angel Club 2009-04 and 2009-05 or we have to wait for the tankoubon to come out (and get scanned). Either way, for now we sit and wait…

  3. Ahhh.. your quite right. I can quickly find AC 3/09 and before. And AC 6/09 & 8/09. But no 4/09 & 5/09.

    I'll do a little more deeper search tomorrow.

    Thanks for the quick response.


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