Pain in the ass…

So it seems like I am having a problem with my releases being deleted from the sharing sites again. Stuff up to Dec 2008 appears to have been deleted. This time the reason is not really a mystery, check out this comment here.

What can I say… If you don’t like my translations, no one is forcing you to read them. What seems really strange is that a person supposedly able to read raw Japanese manga would come to a translator’s blog asking for (or rather demanding) raws. Surely for someone able to read Japanese (and use Google) finding raws should be pretty easy. And it’s not like I am using some obscure, one of a kind raws. Most of my releases are coming from magazine raws which are widely available and there are only 2 or 3 major, well known sites that I get my raws from. So, it doesn’t look like raw availability is an issue here. Could it be that I pissed someone off by ignoring their request? Oh well, whatever…

Conclusion is in the next post. I would like to thank everybody for their suggestions and offers of help!

17 thoughts on “Pain in the ass…

  1. hi first I’d like to thank you for spending your time to translate these works for us 🙂Secondly I’d suggest you use some kind of link protector as other people who “work” in the same field as you do 🙂

  2. If you can get me the older stuff I can set aside some Space for you.Keikun6969PS. I fucked up when I made my account for Blogger LOL so if I post it Comes up with my Real Name.

  3. Thanks for the scanlation and the only viable solution is torrent since it cant be that easily deleted however not sure ppl will actually seed heh =(.Anyhow, good luck with your little wanker and hope he dies while stroking his lil`wanker, lol.

  4. Try contacting admin since he regularly updates his site with multiple d/l link.However, he doesn’t properly credit the scanlators so you might not receive proper credit but hey, that can be arrange right? (the giving credit part ==;)

  5. When I saw that comment, I’d wanted to respond to that troll telling him how much of an asshole he was, but refrained from it hoping he realized by himself that his demands made no sense. No such luck apparently…Provided you can do a backup/restore of your entire blog, it’s possible to replace all the links to your releases in one go. Preconditions:a) Having some private but internet-accessible space to store your releases (e.g. a USB key connected to your home router).b) Using a download service that permits mass uploads from said space.c) Using a unique identifier (e.g. the number of release) somewhere in the archive file names; something like <>[shinkage#044] Yuna-Yuna Panic by Yamamoto Yoshifumi<> should work fine.If your downloads are taken down,1) Re-create your ZIP/RARs archives changing the modification date of the container folders; this will prevent the download service from knowing that you’re reuploading the same stuff.The fastest way IMO is a recursive batch script that uses the free command line utilities 7ZA.exe and TOUCH.exe; once you’re setup you can process all your releases in a single go with two mouse clicks, should be plenty fast if you use a low compression setting.2) Copy the newly created archives to your private space and tell your download service to upload the files from there. Once uploaded, export your new links to a list.3) Backup your blog, do a mass replace of the file links using their unique IDs and restore it; you should only lose the comments posted in the meanwhile, but they will all be “the file X is unavailable” so no real loss there.The beauty of this approach is that 99% of the grunt work is done by the computer. Actually the more files the better, as the cost to you is the same no matter how many you have, while the asshole’s amount of work instead increases linearly.

  6. I can create a torrent with everything you’ve scanlated till now, but maybe you’re already doing that? Anyway, If there’s already a torrent or I have to create one, I’ll seed it.

  7. Use JDownloader, it hides the full download link so it’s harder to remove them. Several sites like yours use them now and no longer have stuff being taken down

  8. as they are “released” to me by Shinkage I will add them to the Torrent Page. If worse comes to worse I will have to Create a new torrent every time I add a New Title to the Batch 😛

  9. Jdownloader is probably a good idea I’ve noticed a few sites that host loli doujin use it, but they also require you to register before you can view the blog. I hope you’ll keep fighting against the retard that threatened you. Give Jdownloader a try, hopefully it’ll work out well.

  10. Checked the linked comment… I know this troll, one fucking ass on a few boards who says shit every time a translator post his work, he just goes “translations is all wrong give me the raws” and more shit.Shitty weeaboo who’s like “english is a shit language every one should learn moonrunes and read original japanese”, don’t bother with this retard guys, seriously. I talk from experience.

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