D.N.A. by Tange Suzuki

Out of Orekano 2008-04 comes this little gem. Somehow Tange Suzuki’s stuff gets done a lot faster than others’…


On a semi-related note, does anyone know if this Tange’s story has been translated:

It’s about a mother trying to lose weight and a son, um, helping her out… I thought I saw a translation somewhere but for the life of me I can’t remember where I saw it and who did it. So, if you know about a translation, speak now or forever hold your peace (piece?), ’cause if I don’t hear anything from anyone I’ll do this story next time I decide to go back to Tange’s works (which could be pretty soon).

9 thoughts on “D.N.A. by Tange Suzuki

  1. I usually don’t comment but that phat bottom mom is a DO WANTplease translate it (^_^)and many thanks to your efforts

  2. if i remembered correctly what i saw was a re-write, although u might have confused it w/ a diff. manga since the plot was kinda common

  3. Just found your blog. Great job man and keep it up. Also I have read bunch of mangas but never seen the one you mentioned

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