4 thoughts on “Sweet Honeymoon by Ryou Ei

  1. thanks for posting, amazing one..!actaully im gona say this again here,since u might didnt notice the other comment, hope u hook it up mate, its about the same artist in some athology a mother wears a kimono [japanese robe/dress] and go out with her son, i forgot where tho.can you please add that, shinkage?

  2. Looks like I need to post a FAQ or something, I’m getting tired of repeating the same thing…Okay, here goes:I only translate what I personally like. I do NOT take requests. If you want something translated, you’ll have better luck commissioning it to some other translator.I do NOT do commissions.I DO take *suggestions* however (’cause you never know if you like what I like and vice versa ;-), the difference between request and suggestion is that I am completely free to ignore the latter.If you want to suggest a story, and you are okay with the fact that I may not like it (and therefore will not translate it), you have to find a *good quality* raw of your story and give me the link to it. I will definitely NOT going to spend time looking for the raws myself based on your description.Hope that makes things clear for everyone.

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