OshieAi by Takeda Hiromitsu

This story is from Comic Megastore 2009-04. I’ve never translated anything by Takeda before, but I liked this one and I’d definitely be up for translating more in the future (as long as they are in a similar genre).

It’s not very often that this sort of stuff gets oversubbed (overscanlated?), yet here we are: this story was released by RageManga 3 days ago. I reviewed it and felt that it didn’t give me enough reason to drop my own release and let’s just leave it at that. You can check out that release yourself and make your own determination, but whatever inaccuracies RageManga’s release may or may not have due to the translator’s inexperience, we should all encourage him to continue and to improve. The scene can always use another manga translator.

A few notes about the story: the name “OshieAi” is written in katakana (phonetic script with no meaning), so I can only guess what it means. “Oshie” most likely stands for 教え (“teachings”, “lesson” or a stem of 教える “to teach”) and “Ai” could stand for stem of 合う (“join”, “meet”, “do for each other”), or it could stand for 愛 (“love”, “affection”). At any rate, I left the name untranslated and you can choose whatever meaning you like better… You should also check out RageManga’s translation notes #1 and #2 – they make total sense, I’m just too lazy to retype the same thing here.


7 thoughts on “OshieAi by Takeda Hiromitsu

  1. Yeah… you kind of talk as if you guys are the awesome translators and Ragemanga is all amateur, but frankly neither of you have really nailed it.In some places you guys made more sense, but in other places, his made more sense.Like, who says “You’re making me fly away!” when they have an orgasm? I don’ tknow if that’s in the original Japanese, but it sounds like fucking weird moonspeak. I think adjusting for how we talk is a good idea.Not that I’m complaining or anything, it’s good that you guys are translating stuff. I’d just wouldn’t be so quick to talk as if yours was the clearly better translation.

  2. Thank you, Anonymous! This is an excellent point worth clarifying for everyone. TL;DR start. First off, I am certainly not perfect and I can’t possibly please everyone. Nor am I trying to.Which is why, if you read my post carefully, you will see that I never implied that my translation is somehow “better”, I only implied that it was more accurate, as in closer to the original.It is my belief that the closer translation is to the original Japanese, the better it conveys what the artist was trying to say to their audience (and that would be Japanese audience, of course, so it will occassionally sound weird to a non-Japanese person). On the other hand, the more translator adjusts the text to “how we talk” the closer it is to a rewrite.In every project I do, I am trying (not always successfully) to strike a balance between the two, but my personal preference is accuracy above all. Take the “flying away” thing as an example. Strictly speaking, every time you see “I’m coming” in my translation, the original Japanese is “I’m going” 🙂 I adapted that to “coming” so as to be comprehensible. In OshieAi, she is saying “I’m flying” in addition to “I’m going” (which is not a usual thing to say for a Japanese woman in this case, in fact I’ve never seen that phrase being used in any of the 30 or so projects I’ve done to date), so to convey that difference I translated it as “He’s making me fly away” (which may not sound natural, but is still comprehensible in the context of having an orgasm). Now that you all know my reasons, you are totally free to choose a translation (or even a rewrite) according to your personal preferences. I’m sticking to mine.TL;DR end.

  3. Thanks, again a very good one. I already had the other scanlation, but I simply keep both, after all, it’s not like they’re 1gb files! That said, yours makes more sense.

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