Wakaba no Goro (Days of Youth) by Tange Suzuki

Another chapter from “Mama To Boku Tokidoki… Shasei” tankoubon. For those who are curious, literal translation of the title would be “season of young leaves” (but the meaning of the phrase is “youth” as in “spring of life”) and that’s why there is a leaf on the background.

I am going to do one more chapter (Boku no Miruku, Mama no Miruku) later and then I’ll switch to some other artist for a bit. I’m thinking about going back to Yanagawa Rio, actually…

DDL Dead due to inactivity.

8 thoughts on “Wakaba no Goro (Days of Youth) by Tange Suzuki

  1. Thanks for the upload.And ++ if you want to do more Yanagawa, pity he/she rarely does any wincest… Nitta Jun’s works might also be of interest to you, she mainly does straight shota, draws nice wide bubbles for easy typesetting and her stories are usually hawt.

  2. Geez, those trousers are terrible. Do they really make schoolkids wear things like that in Japan? Awful!Oh, nearly forgot… incredibly hot story, thanks 😛

  3. Damnit, no luck for me it seems, every post I'd thought I'd like thus far has zero functioning links…
    Well please re-up this one as well if you can.

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