Bishiri Jukubo (Mature Mother with Beautiful Buttocks) by Tange Suzuki

You didn’t expect a new release so soon, did you?

This is actually chapter 2 from “Mama To Boku Tokidoki… Shasei” book by Tange Suzuki. I don’t think I’m going to translate the whole book, but I’ll definitely translate a few more stories out of it.

Special thanks go to tenchi20, who did a great job scanning this book (there is another scan of it floating around, but it’s just too hideous to work with).

DDL Dead due to inactivity.

11 thoughts on “Bishiri Jukubo (Mature Mother with Beautiful Buttocks) by Tange Suzuki

  1. So much win.I can do with the raws, but it would be nice to translate the 3rd story, just to kill the re-write of it that has been going around.

  2. Hehe… Talk about happy coincidences. I am in fact going to translate ch.3 of this book (see my next projects page), although I decided to do it even before I saw that crappy rewrite on 7chan. Still, taking a rewrite out of circulation (hopefully) is a nice bonus – I hate those things… Some of the rewriters are actually pretty decent cleaners/editors, I just wish they applied their skills in a different manner…

  3. That’s great, I’d like you continue like this my friend, don’t get corrupted by money.I got nothing against people working for us and asking for some paypal, or doing commission, but some go as far as taking “special” commissions only available on a specific website. If the site is good its fine, but most of the time it’s sites full of re-writes and other shit. translators supporting those sites… it blows my mind.

  4. T-T All I have to say about the links is “He's Dead Jim!”
    Irequest that you would be so kind as to re-up the links for this post too if you have the time please?

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