As you may have heard, translators like myself, sirC and others just got a bunch of their releases deleted from Rapidshare, Megaupload and Mediafire.

I just re-uploaded everything to Sharebee, let me know if you have any problems downloading stuff.

8 thoughts on “Re-upload

  1. Apparently, it’s most of their releases that got reported. Whoever this nolife is, we have to watch out cause we starting to lose control.

  2. @iglou: Well, it not like I could have stopped you from doing whatever you wanted with my translations 🙂 but since you were nice enough to ask… Okay, I hereby grant you my *official* authorization to re-translate my stuff to French if you feel so inclined on one condition: my name must NOT be mentioned in connection with your work. Re-translations are generally worse than translations from the the original Japanese (i.e. more and more gets lost and misinterpreted) and I don’t want my name on something that doesn’t do the original work justice.

  3. Yes, thereproblems downloading from Sharebee. For example, non of the download links work for “Nikuyoku No Jusei by Hamamoto Yoshifumi” and “Kyokon Yarichin Shounen Setsurin Jotai Seme by Yanagawa RioBoy-Slut with a Huge Dick, Ultimate Female Body Torture”

  4. Well, it seems the badongo links work for all posts except “Dassen Oyako (Mother And Son Gone Off The Track) by Kuroiwa Menou” previous to this. All other links are dead.This means you can download all but “Dassen Oyako (Mother And Son Gone Off The Track) by Kuroiwa Menou” up to this point.

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