Yuna-Yuna Panic by Yamamoto Yoshifumi – Chapter 0


So here I am, picking up a new series by Yamamoto Yoshifumi from Comic Angel Club. I have raws for 4 chapters so far, the magazine appears to be actively scanned again so I am hoping this won’t end like Hitozuma Lovers… Anyhow, this is what I will be translating for a while.

Whatever happened to Mama no Gohoubi you ask? Well, it’s translated and ~60% edited – I got a bit tired of redrawing freaking semi-transparent text bubbles, so I decided to give it a rest. I’m still going to finish it. Eventually. If someone wants to help me with editing, feel free to leave a comment.

The file is now here.

10 thoughts on “Yuna-Yuna Panic by Yamamoto Yoshifumi – Chapter 0

  1. @xiago: If you are serious about helping, then your help is more than welcome!Your task (if you choose to accept it) would be to remove all text from all text bubbles as well as alpha-layer/floating text from pages 18 thru 24. SFX that are not inside bubbles should be left as is (unless you feel like editing all 24 pages). The end result should be in PSD (I use CS3 to edit/typeset). To simplify the typesetting, rather than editing the background layer, please duplicate the background and edit the duplicated layer leaving the original background intact under it (so that I can later hide your edits and see which text goes where). p.18-24 of the raw are here: If you are seriously up to redrawing all the SFX (which is something I personally don’t have enough patience to do), I will upload the complete raw (24 pages) for you. Let me know.

  2. are great, thanks a lot for your help! Now all I need is typeset, QC and release – should be out this week.What name do you want me to put in the credits?BTW, I updated my list of next projects – let me know if you’d be interested in working with me on any of them.

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