Shitei Ninshin (Brother and Sister Pregnancy) by Yamamoto Yoshifumi

This is the last story from the book Inransei Souseiji by Yamamoto Yoshifumi. I’ve been meaning to translate it for quite some time, partly because I’ve come across a (rather poor) rewrite of it and I’ve been curious what the actual story was. So here it is.

Will I ever do any other stories from Inransei Souseiji? Maybe, but not anytime soon…

Update: It’s been brought to my attention that the release was missing a page. Well, as it turned out the raws I was working off didn’t have that page to begin with. And it wasn’t immediately obvious (to me) that there was something missing in the story. And the not-exactly-standard 19-page story length didn’t tip me off. Must be old age taking its toll. At any rate, the page was found, translated, v2 released and the links below are now pointing to the complete 20-page story.


12 thoughts on “Shitei Ninshin (Brother and Sister Pregnancy) by Yamamoto Yoshifumi

  1. michael: Thanks for catching that! That should teach me to be suspicious of the raws posted on the imageboards… Funny thing is that I had the proper raw all along, I just didn’t bother to compare. Anyhow, it’s all fixed now.

  2. Hey shinkage, I just saw Angel Club 9-08 and 10-08 or the Rapture boards and looks like Yamamoto had some in there. Not Hitozuma Lovers though, but a new series.

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