Demodori Mama (Mommy Who Left And Came Back) by Hacchi – Chapter 2

Another chapter, another 16 pages, a LOT more action, and a plot twist at the end.
Hacchi seems to enjoy leaving his readers hanging/guessing at the end of every chapter… Now imagine having to wait for a whole month for the next issue of Megastore (where Demodori Mama was initially published) to find out what happened next. Compared with that waiting for a week or so suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, does it? πŸ˜‰

The file is now here.

10 thoughts on “Demodori Mama (Mommy Who Left And Came Back) by Hacchi – Chapter 2

  1. is there any possibility to you translate some Makoto Moryia works some day?you have a nice work.congrats.Magoo

  2. hey shinkage dude! i been looking around for angel club 2008-06 issue and i been harassing a lot of scanners out there. All of em say that angel club 2008-06 has not been scanned by anyone doing scene releases. So the only way to get it is to buy it and scan it.I feel sorry about hitozuma lovers project of yours its such a good project too. Anyhoo just letting you know thats all but i think you would have known anyway.Take care

  3. i am the same guy who told you about 2008-06 issue not being scanned.Well i asked them again and they said that only a few magazines actually have same guy scanning them over and over again every month. They said and i qoute “Magazines such as angel club and a few other are done by random individuals sometimes. Its rare to have scans for something done regularly by same person as you might have noticed that some times it is [R-G] and sometimes its some other group or random guy scanning megastore and other magazines which have a better circulation than angel club and its ilk”

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