6 thoughts on “Mama To Doraibu (A Drive With Mommy) by Kuroiwa Menou

  1. Love your work! And all you have translated for us. Big Thank you's!!

    Now that Kuroiwa Menou's tankoubon “Split Milk” is out. And which happens to contain this one shot “A Drive with Mommy”. But with two extra pages more, than the anthology copy, you had used.

    May you be concidering translating these extra 2 pages?

    Can supply a link, if needed.


  2. I am sorry. Where is my head sometimes? hehehahaha I meant to say “Mother And Son Gone off The Track”.

    The anthology printing/copy (and your trans of it, of course), only consisted of 22 pages. But in the tankoubon, there is 24.

    Here is a link i just made of the full 24 paged tale. (your trans plus the 2 untrans)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?tnemj1mtejl

    Also you will see. This copy has been decensored by Yoroko. If you don't already have it


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