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  1. Have you looked at Yanagawa Rio’s last volume, “Doutei shounen” ? It’s all straight shota, maybe some stories will tickle your interest…

  2. jukanx: I actually like Yanagawa Rio a lot so Doutei Shounen is not out of the question. Unless someone gets to it first while I go through my backlog.anonymous: I only translate what I personally like. Nothing else. If you want a particular tankoubon translated completely, go pay SaHa or takehiro or some other translator who does commissions. I’m a wrong person to ask.

  3. Doutei Shounen is already being translated by sirc by commission of Aleph0. Aleph is posting them at the Rapture Boards (need to register). By respect to him as the commissioner, I won’t post the links but just tell you to go there. sirc hasn’t released them yet publicly it seems.

  4. Hey shinkage, how about a piece from YY’s Kyonyu Wakaduma Nakadashi Club. I know the whole book isn’t about straight shota, chapter 8 has a /ss/ that maybe worth pondering about.Of course, since the whole book is tied to one story, it may take some of that drive to tackle it. But just throwing some suggestions since you asked for it.

  5. Hi Marte…I can’t say that I’m _really_ into Hori’s artwork, but this particular story looks… intriguing? So, not out of the question.With that said, did you notice how much floating text it has? It’ll be murder to edit, so the person you really should be asking about it is koichan, not me 🙂 The only way it gets released if koichan edits it…

  6. yanagawa rio’s stuff rocks. love your translations (raccoon story was awesome). can’t wait for your translation of the stewardesses. hope you do more (like the vendor girl or bus driver stories). XD

  7. Hey shinkage, how about Mokkouyou Bond’s (aka SEMEDAIN G for doujins) stuff? I suddenly remembered him after seeing Sei-jin’s release of a very old short by him this past week. His Oneesama ha Shota Shikou was the very first straight shota manga I’ve read. I can’t recall how the censorship is exactly but his recent tank only has little white bars in them.

  8. Hmm, thanks for letting me know.So I went and looked at RageManga translation…Typesetting (which I am not going to comment on) and understandable differences in interpretation/word choices aside, there are quite a few basic things their translator got plain WRONG (nothing personal, I am not perfect either, but basic stuff needs to be translated correctly otherwise the meaning changes noticeably).Which is why I am going to finish my version and release it anyway.

  9. @ Martehaha sure I would edit it, looks much easier than some Yanagawa Rio or Kuroiwa Menou’s works. if Shinkage wants to translate it I don’t see the problem!

  10. @koichan: it’s been what, 3 months? 🙂@Marte: Well, since koichan has agreed to edit, the story will get done at some point in between the stuff already announced. Stay tuned…

  11. Shinkage, I have a request for a Rio Yanagawa doujin you should translate. It’s not to break the flow of things, but I think the next one you should be translating (Not incluing current) is Tsundere Musume vs Douteim Shounen. Although I am sure you have it by now, I would gladly give you the RAW format for editing. Whatever time is good for you, I don’t rush those who work where others can’t.

  12. I also could not help but express great appreciation now since you have translated a Fujinomiya Yuu doujin. I would also like to provide you with any of his RAWS, as they have been in good demand from some of my colleagues for downloading (One in Particular involving maids). Please post back soon, I’d love to be able to negotiate this whole ordeal!

  13. @Linkman70000000: I don’t do requests or commissions. If you’re looking to get something translated I recommend that you go to some other translator. I might (or might not) do the Tsundere Musume by YR, but it will not be anytime soon (check back in a couple of months, assuming nobody does it by then). I don’t know if I’ll be doing any more of Fujinomiya Yuu’s stuff.If you want to suggest a story, post a link to raw first (but there’s no guarantee that I’d be interested in it, so don’t get your hopes up).

  14. Oh I wouldn't, in fact I'm a pessimist, just with a positive outlook for counter-balance!! I just like to converse with people who have contributed to my community, such as you, SirC, Kaminomuyi, among others. It's also great to find someone who does this. Anyway, it's great to see someone who actively takes part in this sort of thing. Peace out, remember you have a large fanbase on my forum, in fact I'll put up the link to it below. I dunno if you visit it or anything, but you only need a yahoo account to get on it, and I still see a surprising amount of people who do not know of this site yet.http://invisioni.com/forums/index.php?mforum=straightshotav2&

  15. @Marte: Yeah, I’ve thought about translating Mokkouyou Bond’s stuff a couple of times… and I haven’t translated any, as you can see 🙂

    Who knows, maybe one day I will…

  16. I’m not sure if anyone let you know yet but Straight Shotas Network has Hitoduma Lovers ch7 posted if you need it

    heres the link-http://www.sshotas.com/main.php?item=888

  17. If you want to tackle something longer than oneshots, maybe you could be interested in “Hitozuma Yuuenchi” by Jinpei Waku…
    Beautiful drawing style, and it has nice round balloons for easy editing; no floating text to speak of, too.

    http://rapidshare.com/files/256778057/Waku_Jinpei_-_Hitozuma_Yuu_Enbo.rar (link thanks to Smekt5)

    Story is similar to Hitozuma Lovers, but the young boy banging all those gorgeous bored wives is some sort of gigolo I gather…

  18. Thanks for the Nounanka ones shinkage. Didn't notice you were doing them.

    For a one-page translation, maybe you're interested in this one although it's text heavy:
    http://unurare.sakura.ne.jp/25-29ap_.jpg (textless version)

    I believe it's part of Nurumu's Onnanoko ni Natte Kyou de…. It's a gender bender series which covers a several fetishes, including straight shota.

    Here is the translated version of the other pages.:

    I believe it's part of Day 21:

  19. Regarding Yanagawa Rio's Shotaiken Resson, probably it's a good idea to wait to see if it's included in his next tankoubon…

  20. Hey Hey! Guess what?! The last few chapters of Yuna-yuna panic is up online!!! Go to g-e-hentai.org, type Yamamoto yoshifumi and the title is “Ane plus”! It's been over half a year for the rest to come online!

  21. Sorry, continuing from my last comment about Ane plus; apparently the last few pages have some stuff about the author (may say whether author is man or woman) and possibly “future works”. From tvtropes.org at one point, they said the author was a women so I want to know if it's true…

  22. It was kinda very obvious hint on “Where's mah lovely Kuroiwa Menou translation, why do you have to be so cruel?! I can't wait to see it BAWWWW!!!”

  23. Hi Shinkage, i LOVE Kuroiwa Menou, so thanks for your translations. Right now there are many chapters untranslated from Spilt Milk and Milk Crown. Have you ant project on these ? I would be really AWESOME. Thanks a lot again^^

  24. i know you don't usually take requests, but would you consider doing the rest of Doutei Ouji by Yanagawa Rio? You've already done 4 chapters from mag scans (1, 5, 6, 10), 2 more have been done by others (7, 9), and Shotaiken Resson! Mezase Ippatsu Goukaku (what you listed you're doing next) is chapter 4. That leaves chapters 2, 3, 8. raw gallery if you're interested: http://exhentai.org/g/127395/730cca3a16/

  25. um say shinkage, were you still working on Ane Plus by Yamamoto Yoshifumi? cause i would really love to see that work translated i saw the RAW version of it and it looks pretty sweet as is.

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