3 thoughts on “Hitozuma Lovers (2nd Lover) by Yamamoto Yoshifumi

  1. Nice work! I really wanted soemone to do translations of Yoshimi’s works, happy you took it up. Still, i got one small problem – There is enough space in the text bubbles, so why write so small?

  2. I’m using 14pt font for all text, which is well readable and fits <>all<> bubbles (which saves me time on resizing, besides a bunch of different font sizes looks kinda sloppy don’t you think?). Most of the groups I know use this size, the only difference is they also resize the raws down to 800px or so in width, which I don’t do, so given the same 72dpi, their text looks a bit bigger than mine.In my next release I am planning to boost the dpi a little, that should make text look a bit bigger too…

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