Next VN: Amaenbo ~Futago Mama to Ecchi na Natsu Yasumi~ by Rapapuru

Update: Translation is proceeding at a vigorous pace (but it is unwise to assume that this game will take the same amount of time to translate as the previous one).


So yeah, I’m doing this one. Japanese name for searching purposes: [091030] [らぱぷる] 甘艶母 ~双子ママとエッチな夏休み~
It is quite a bit longer than the one I did before: 4 heroines + harem route with 2 main heroines, straight shota/incest, lots of H-scenes.
At this point I have no estimates on when it will be done, might post progress updates if I feel like it, asking for estimates/updates in the comments does nothing (as usual).

1. I am using version 1.21, the translation patch will work with that version only, trying to use my patch with any other version will likely result in failure, so make sure you update your game. The 1.21 upgrade can be downloaded from the maker’s website: hxxp://

2. I do not make stuff up, I only translate what the makers put there. As such I am not responsible for the industrial-strength silliness of some of the H-lines.

3. I have better things to do with my time than hardsub the intro MPEG. If anyone feels like doing it, leave a comment and I will provide the video.

Artists Wanted: This time all H-scenes are static, so complete uncensoring is possible. If someone would like to do it, please leave a comment and I will provide the images (there are 200+ but a lot of things can be copypasted). As you can imagine, there is no compensation for this work other than your name being included in the credits. I do require a certain level of proficiency (click to see full size):

This happens to be an image from the actual game that makers forgot (?) to censor, it alone can be used to uncensor about 10 other images (more if you get creative).

Mamagoto (Playing With Mommy) by SHIUN

Here’s another one from Maman Love (vol.4 ch.4).

Torrent (to be updated?)

The most straightforward translation of “Mamagoto” is “playing house”, but since it is written without kanji other translations are also possible (such as “Mommy’s affair”, “along with Mommy”, “the thing with Mommy”, etc). “Playing with Mommy” is my take on it.

As for my next VN project, this is what I am considering at the moment:

Kawakaburi No Cherry by DOUJIN3ARIES (visual novel patch)

Well, here it is, and it took less than 6 months to do. Isn’t that amazing? 😉 Jokes aside, this sure was a whole lot more effort than I expected. Let this be a lesson to me.

I did quite a few QC passes of it, but with this being my first ever VN and all, I fully expect things to be missed (and occasionally go horribly horribly wrong). Therefore, I am calling this a Public Beta (or Consumer Preview, or whatever else these things are called these days) and everybody is encouraged to submit problems in comments. If I do not hear anything for a month or so I am going to assume that it works perfectly and promote it to Final Release.

The archive includes the patch as well as a brief howto/help file:

Version 1.00.01 (fixes the problem with disappearing choices reported by Anonymous):

Torrent (no point updating while this is still beta)

Notes and Known Issues:
The title (Kawakaburi No Cherry) is a reference to a line Reiko (the heroine) says in the game. It can be loosely translated as “The Cherry of His Virginal Dick”.

The game has no “routes”, but you do have the opportunity to make bad decisions and end the game early.

There is one line that is not translated because it is a part of the video being played and there is no way to sync it properly with the text. It means “He finally says it”.

In 2 or 3 places (during the “action” scenes) the lines are being said without any text being displayed. They are not translated because (1) there was no corresponding text in the original game and (2) they are played at random when the mouse is clicked and I could not find a way to predict which line will be displayed to show the text (my knowledge of KiriKiri engine is still less than perfect). The lines are not essential to the plot (?), the sample is as follows:

Feels good!
So good!
It’s in!
So, how is it?
Feels good?
How’s my dick feel?
Doesn’t hurt?

Well then, do enjoy.

I might be inclined to translate more VNs in the future, so feel free to recommend VNs of relevant genres (as usual, no guarantees that any of the recommended VNs will actually be translated).

Update (regarding recommendations): From what I read Complets uses a proprietary engine that requires game-specific EXE patches and is generally a pain in the arse to work with. I don’t think I’ll be touching it. I think I’d rather stick with KiriKiri-based games (ones that use data.xp3 to store everything) for now since I already have the relevant experience and tools.

Trying something new…

So I thought I’d try translating a visual novel for a change. The novel is called Kawakaburi No Cherry, it’s made by DOUJIN3ARIES and as you can see it’s straight shota. As of this writing, the actual game can be found here: RIP, the link wasn’t mine to begin with, I’m surprised it lasted this long. The game is out there, time to rely on G00gle ((18禁ゲーム) [100925] [DOUJIN3ARIES] 皮被りのチェリー), kindness of strangers, etc. Meanwhile I am working on it, should be out in a few weeks.

I am not planning to distribute/host the game myself, instead I will be releasing a single file (patch.xp3) that would need to be copied into the game’s folder (it will contain the translation and updated graphics for menus, etc).

I have no idea how long the project will take at this point, but the process seems straightforward enough, I have the technical stuff mostly figured out, so hopefully… not too long. And, no, I am not stopping translating manga, it’s just that right now I feel like doing a VN.

Oh yeah, one other thing… I can’t really draw, but if there’s someone reasonably good at drawing and interested in doing the uncensoring, I can provide the relevant picture files (which would then go into the same patch.xp3) and we could have an uncensored ss game as a result. Leave a note in comments if you’re interested. Actually never mind. Most of the relevant scenes are animated anyway, so decensoring pictures isn’t going to make a lot of difference.